Welcome Welcome to Fuchsia Freezer. Want to know more about the cook in the kitchen? You can find those details here. Need to contact me? Click here! Here you will find the answers to those burning questions you may have!

1. Do you have nutritional information for your recipes?

I do not. I don’t have a reliable source to verify the ingredients and I wouldn’t feel right posting information that is only somewhat correct. I will let you rely on your own sources for nutritional value.

2. Do you have Weight Watchers points values (smart points) for each recipe?

I don’t cater entirely to the Weight Watchers crowd. I do post recipes that are geared towards lighter, healthier, and smarter choices, but I believe in balance. That means not every recipe I have here is geared towards a specific diet. Therefore, if you do not see point values, then that recipe was not geared towards that specific diet. Feel free to calculate the points yourself.

3. How are your Weight Watchers points calculated?

I have a paid membership to Weight Watchers, so I calculate the smart points using the Weight Watchers calculator.

4. Are you affiliated or sponsored by Weight Watchers?

I have absolutely no affiliation with Weight Watchers what so ever. I pay for the subscription myself and use it for personal as well as professional gain. In turn they have no affiliation with me, therefore I can not guarantee points values since they are not confirmed by Weight Watchers.

5.  Do you cater to other diets/life styles?

I have recently looked at the 21 day Fix and have been thinking about adding recipes surrounding that to the blog. Like I said above though, I believe in moderation. Making healthy choices for myself and my family is a priority, but indulging in desserts is also important too!

6. Help! My recipe didn’t work out! What happened?

Well sometimes it happens. Heck, it happens to me! My first piece of advise: reread the instructions and ingredients. Most of the time it’s the simple teaspoon for a tablespoon that can make a huge difference. If that doesn’t work, try it again!

If you’re still having issues, please feel free to contact me! You can email, leave a comment, or try me on Facebook! I try and respond within 48 hours, but typically get back sooner!