I’m Kaitie!

Most days you can find me out for a walk in the back fields listening to a podcast, in the kitchen cooking for my family of six, or creating fun & interesting content for my newly redesigned blog (yup, that’s right, it was time for a face lift). I am mostly known for my ability to feed my family on a budget, my love of books, my love of jeans and hoodies, and camping adventures (picture 4 girls, one Mom and tent trailer)! I love serving the world by creating and sharing healthy & delicious meals, trying out new workout programs, researching all things health related, and sharing all the ups and downs and lessons that come along with it. The things I’m most passionate about is creating a balanced life. That means showing up for myself, before I tackle #momlife and the rest of the daily responsibilities I have. My motto is simple: you can’t pour from an empty cup. I serve busy mamas who struggle to find themselves in the chaos of daily life. I show them how to make time for themselves, easy meals their families will enjoy, and daily life hacks to keep them entertained.

When I’m not busy working on my next piece of content for here, you can catch me working out at home in my living room, grabbing another new book to read, or catching the latest episode of the housewives (we all have vices right?!).

My Favs

Fav cuisine

Mexican food any day!

Fav TV Show

The Real Housewives of… anywhere really + I love documentaries!

Fav workouts

Weight Lifting

Fav HOliday


If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:

1. I rarely keep the same hair colour/style longer than a few months.
2. I am an only child. BONUS: My parents live 8 minutes away!
3. All of my girls are close in age… the first two are 11 months apart, and the second two are 18 months apart. I love how close they are.
4. I went to school and became a journalist on various radio stations. I still love research & interviewing!
5. I currently am getting my BA in Communications.

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