Yup, I’m a food blogger. And I will continue to stay that way… but every once in a while, I have this great idea, or saw this totally handy item that has saved my sanity and I want to share… but I don’t because I’m a food blogger. So I decided to take a moment out of the food realm, because let’s be honest – although I cook for 6 people three times a day, and most of my life is spent in the kitchen… it isn’t always… so here’s my little side gig if you will.

I promise, I will not be getting political on here, and I promise – I don’t know it all about parenting. Sometimes I just feel like sharing with you guys what’s going on around here, or tips that may save you some time because it helped me out…  and that doesn’t always relate to food.

I am no expert, I am simply a mom of four girls who’s trying to survive our daily chaos and I know that there is someone who can share in that ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset you start your day off with.

Welcome to #MomLifeMondays.

Today, I wanted to share with you my go-to daytime makeup routine that comes together in 15 minutes and makes me feel put together, with out feeling like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I love using foundation, concealer, etc… the whole kit and caboodle, but when I’m just out running errands, these simple steps make it all the more easier to get out the door with my two youngest in tow.

I just wanted to take moment and share with you that this is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just sharing with you what works for me, and products that I love.

My makeup bag must haves include the following:
– Clinique BIY
– Clinique Mascara
– L’Oreal Matte Un-Nude Matte LipStick
– Stila makeup pallet
– Blush

TIP: I like to keep my ‘everyday’ look in a separate makeup case under my sink in the bathroom. That way my mornings are easy, and I have everything right at my finger tips which makes it that much easier & faster to get ready in the morning.

What are your go-to beauty must-haves? Have a brand you absolutely adore? I would love to hear about it!

Looking to help simplify your mornings even more? Try out this delicious Baked Berry & Banana Oatmeal. Make it the night before and simply reheat in the microwave, or oven (and do your make up while it warms up… #winwin).

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