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What can I say, I love a good printable. They are so useful when it comes to organizing my household and especially when it comes time to meal plan and head to the grocery store. Why do this? Well meal planning is such an important part of my week. Both Clint and my kids get involved in meal planning! Clint cooks two nights a week and I find when my girls get to pick a few of the meals each week, it makes the rest of meal planning easy. A few years back (yes it’s been a hot minute since I shared some new content here… but more is coming) I wrote an entire post on Meal Planning 101: it’s your basic how to guys for newbies. I suggest you head over there first if meal planning is completely foreign to you.

If not, well then I’m so happy you’re here! I wanted to create something super simple + functional when it came to this template. I think it speaks for itself but simply write in your meals for breakfast lunch and dinner each day.

Quick Tip: as you’re creating your meal plan, simply add in the ingredients required in the handy grocery list that comes with!

So here’s what you get in today’s freebie, you get the NEW Meal Planner + Grocery List FREE printable! It’s perfect to help keep you organized, and now with the world opening up back again, you are guaranteed to start getting busy again… so why not make one thing on your list just a little easer?

Do you meal plan or is this something new for you? I’d love to know!

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