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My morning routine is such a special time for me. It’s something I have come to develop over the last 4 years, and yes even during lock downs, I did my best to stay with it. The thing is, when it comes to my overall goals and my well being getting up early (before the house wakes) has been vital. It has allowed me to stay focused, discover clear goals, and work on becoming a better version of myself. I have a full morning routine post coming with all the details on how I started + how you can start to, but for now I wanted to keep it simple – Affirmations. What is an affirmation?

The whole point of casting out a daily affirmations or repeating one, especially when repeated each morning, is to send a cue to your mind and your heart that good things are coming your way. Now this isn’t something like “I will win a million dollars today.”… that’s a wish. Unfortunately that doesn’t count. A good place to start is to think about an intention you’d like to set. Maybe you notice you’ve been really stressed and short with your kids lately, or you are taking on too many projects at work? Setting an affirmation in the morning and repeating it actually triggers your brain to look at those challenges and gets it to change the thought pattern. Before I started practising a morning routine, my feet would hit the floor when I heard the kids wake up. I was exhausted, grouchy and already in a bad mood. By taking some time and creating my daily affirmation, I have actually learned to stop that initial reaction where I would get snippy with them.

Ok so here’s what I want you to do if you’re with me this far. I will not pretend to know it all but i have about a bazillion hours of podcast episodes under my belt, and this one is not to be missed. Rachel Hollis shares her Start Today Journal on Episode 72 of her podcast. Go take a listen, and follow the exercise. When you’re done, grab this printable and write out your dreams. You can either bullet form them, or write it as if you were talking to someone. Then leave this Affirmation sheet anywhere you will see it in the morning… say next your bed, or beside your coffee maker.

Go listen to Episode 72 of the Rachel Hollis Podcast

No matter how you start your morning, by taking literally 5 minutes and reading your dreams, you remind yourself that today is an opportunity to take some baby steps towards the life you most desire. Want to know some of mine?

  • I am a patient and dedicated mama.
  • I run a successful health and wellness business.
  • I am a university graduate.

Each of these has a special place and meaning to me, and so reminding myself daily what my goals and dreams are sets the intention for how I will show up. Have you ever thought of setting intentions or creating daily affirmations before? I’d love to hear some of your in the comments!

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