The Fall Refresh

Ok, can we all just take a moment here and realize that as I’m writing this, fall is just hit, HELLO OCTOBER! I still can’t get over that summer feels like it was JUST here, and the kids were home during the break, and we were trying to find a new ice-cream spot… where did the time go? When I start thinking about fall, I immediately think of burnt oranges, pumpkin spice everything (like the Pumpkin Spice Granola recipe I just shared earlier), and cozy sweaters.

While that all rings true, I wanted to take a quick moment with you guys, and share inexpensive ways to refresh your kitchen space for the coming cooler months. Let’s be honest here, I love being outdoors with the kids, but since the cooler weather is coming (and once it hits, it will be staying for a while), I will basically live in my kitchen. Seriously. I cook for 6 people 3 times a day, plus snacks… up, my kitchen is my life. And since I’m there most often, a few pieces added to my ever growing collection of dishes and bakeware always help usher in a fresh vibe.

I just want to take moment right now and say this post is NOT sponsored at all! I just love sharing with you items I am crushing on. It’s that simple! Any links you click will take you directly there, with out any affiliation to myself.

It really doesn’t (and shouldn’t) cost alot of money to feel refreshed unless you’re looking at getting a makeover done. But since our kitchen is only a few years old, and I love every inch of it, that’s not happening anytime soon. That’s why I’m brining you some inexpensive inspiration you can seamlessly add into your already outstanding collection.

Fall for Around $50

Navy Blue Jonesport Runner by Birch Lane | If you have a dining table you love, show it off! That’s why I decided to include a table runner rather than a table cloth. I feel with four kids, I would constantly be washing and ironing table cloths if I used them on a daily basis, so we have plastic (yes… ugh) placemats to help protect the integrity of the table, but I keep a runner of some short on my dining room table year round. This one caught my eye because of the navy colour, and beautiful simple pattern. This would look great with any of the dishes previously mentioned, but doesn’t scream “only for fall” making it more versatile then say, something that was burnt orange with pumpkins on it. You could easily add orange to this through napkins, or even a beautiful pumpkin you may have found at your local craft store… and the navy carries nicely into the winter months.

Raelene Oval Platter | Ok, can we just take a moment and look at how beautiful this is? I love it because of it’s simplicity. The white is such a classic, and I absolutely love the little detail around the edges. I’ve owned a piece similar to this for a while, and it’s such a go-to piece no matter what time of year. Inspite of this being crisp white, this would still compliment reds, oranges, greens – your typical fall colours… and heading into winter, it will show nicely against black tablecloths, or what ever food you choose to use it for. My version is currently sitting on my side board as a dish holding my tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl.

Posie Pink Set of 4 Tumblers | In May my Mom and I went to a local department store to register for our wedding. Yes Clint and I have been together forever, but asking for cash as a wedding gift just isn’t my thing. So he and I took stock of what was really worn out, or over used in our home, and registered for items to replace those. While my mom and I were wandering the aisles looking at beautiful china patterns, and fantastic cutlery sets, I saw the most beautiful tumbler glasses I had ever seen. I was very blessed to discover a month later at my bridal shower, a family friend had purchased them for us! Months later, every time I reach for a glass to get water, I think of her, and am giddy about my new pretty glasses. These are similar to what I received, and wanted to share with you how a simple glass can make such an impact. They are available as tumblers, and high ball, so you have options to select which work best for you… and if you look around, you can even find the matching pitcher!

Pioneer Woman Paige Linen Salad Plates | Sometimes, it’s just not worth getting a complete new set of dishes – especially if you love the ones you already own. Think about switching out your salad or dessert plates! The best part, is that if you already have a colourful collection of dish ware, these neutral salad plates will look lovely in contrast. I actually own these in blue, and love them.

Collapsible Silicone Storage Containers | The Fall Refresh – that also means… refreshing your Tupperware collection. Take one evening, maybe an hour or so, and make sure everything you have has all the pieces and parts to it (lids, extra dividers, cutlery if it comes with it). If not? Throw it out. NOW! Just do it! And then head over and check these beauties out! Talk about space savers! When these aren’t being used, these amazing storage containers collapse into practically nothing saving you time, space, and possibly injury from the avalanche of carefully stacked plastic containers in the shelf above the stove that no one uses… you know what I’m talking about 😉

S’well Water Bottles | Ok, I have to ask: Do you actually own a decent water bottle? A few years ago at the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference in Toronto, I received a S’well water bottle as a part of my swag bag #lucky. I to this day am still shocked how much I use it, and love it. It keeps my water ice cold all day long, plus reduces my foot print in landfills its since all I need to do is re-fill and go! Now they come in a variety of cute patters, and sizes… so even the kids can get their own to reflect their budding personalities!

Berglander Latte Spoon Set | I don’t think the ‘matte black accessories or hardware trend’ is going anywhere anytime soon. This is something I can absolutely get behind but I can’t seem to commit to buying an entirely new cutlery set at this point with young kids. So when I stumbled across these beauties – well you can see why I absolutely want to get in on it! Since I’m now home full-time, my Starbucks addiction has had to subside, and I’ve learned to enjoy home made lattes and cappuccinos. That doesn’t mean though I need to skip the frivolousness off it all, so by adding these to my table when serving delicious coffee to guests (or just grabbing one while I enjoy my own special cup on the front porch) I feel like it’s adding a level of sophistication no matter what.

Abbesses Pasta Bowl | Can I just say that this is on my “I must buy ASAP” list?! I’ve never owned actual pasta bowls. And with fall, and cooler temperatures, headed this way, I would love to serve my next bowl of warm spaghetti & meatballs in a beautiful pasta bowl. I know it sounds a little silly, but I believe in breaking out the “nice dishes” any night of the week, and besides, your eyes are always the first to ‘taste’ your meal, so serving your dinner in the appropriate bowl or dish is setting up your meal for success. And how beautiful are these? [I should note these I added here since they are only $103 for 4 bowls, only making them just over $25/piece).

5-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer | Let’s talk quick an easy meals… I love getting dinner on the table in 30 minutes especially when we have a busy night ahead of us, but there is nothing worse then not being able to find ‘that thing you need to stir the sauce’, or ‘where did the soup spoons go?’… these are the things that nightmares are made of. Ok, maybe a little over dramatic – but the sentiment still stands. It drives me bananas when I can’t find the tools I need to do an easy job. Insert this beautiful drawer organizer and my little heart pitter patters with excitement. I actually have several located through out the kitchen. One in my pantry I’ve used to help corral my oils & vinegars. Think multi-purpose with out breaking the bank!

I also want to say that shopping at wayfair,, or heck even Ikea, you can grab a beautiful table runner that suits your tastes for cheap. That way, you can alternate it through out the year with out feeling guilty that $100 table runner is sitting in your linen closet for months at a time.

Make a Statement

Castle Grey Dining Table | Be still my farm table loving heart. Seriously. This is so beautiful, and having an amazing table is always work the investment. If you love entertaining, then this may be the solution to all of your table needs! You can easily fit 10 people around, and squeeze in 10 if you must, plus this muted grey colour?! My advice: always pick a neutral piece when it’s the expensive investment piece. You can always ‘jazz this up’ with stunning black ladder back chairs, lighten the space with white chairs, or even add a bench to one side. If you are looking to make a total impact on your kitchen/dining space this is that statement.

Dash Compact Toaster Oven | Making a statement doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money, look at this show stopper – and here’s the clincher: it’s only $70! This compact toaster oven seems to be what all smaller kitchens should have (if you’re in the market for a toaster oven). Save money on your electrical bill if you’re only cooking for one or two people, or enjoy toast in the morning. The beautiful red colour is a knock out piece that will definitely grab attention, but it also does come in a light blue/turquoise and a grey if you’re looking for a little more muted.

Kaptian Chair by Kvell | Depending on how old, or long you’ve owned your dining set for, it can start to feel dated or “the same old, same old”. Before forking out a ton of money, why not invest in a few new chairs – and if you’re really crafty, paint! I love these captains chairs, and purchasing only two for the head & foot of you table can give your whole dining set a refresh without breaking the bank. Plus, I’m a sucker for an eclectic “carefully put together” look that has mismatched chairs, layered dishes from different sets, and beautiful table linens to pull it all together.

Palmita Free Set of 2 Curtain PanelsColour man oh man I love colour. Yes, I said that. Weird right? Because when I talk about buying investment pieces, and especially when you’re starting off your dishwater collection, I always talk about keeping it neutral. I live in a home with four girls (my kids), and Clint. While most of our house is neutral, an easy way to update a space, or to add a punch of colour is with curtains! And you don’t need to repaint when you get tired of it! Our kitchen/dining space (which is all open) has 3 windows and a pair of porch doors leading out to our deck. Adding curtains to all of those spaces inject enough colour into our space without feeling overwhelming. I love the palm leaf trend, and I think if you do it right, you won’t feel like you’re living in Florida (unless you are going for that look).

Alexio Bar Cart | Maybe now that the outdoor evenings are starting to get cooler, it’s time to invest on your indoors again… and nothing says “welcome, stay, let’s have a great night” like a beautiful bar cart set up with your favourite cocktail mixtures, or even mocktail mixtures for your guests who don’t drink. Since this is an investment piece, I suggest getting something you love love love. That way when you see it years later, you still get excited to use it when guests are coming. This stunning piece by Willa Arlo Interiors is trendy in it’s gold colour, but has a very classic look to it, ensuring it won’t be out of style next season. Also, when you’re looking for a bar cart for your place, invest in one that has wheels. That way you can move it around your place when needed.

Copper Table Lamp | Don’t love the lighting above your dining table? Can’t afford a massive chandelier? Think: mood lighting. It doesn’t always have to come from a statement light fixture above your dining table – your side board is just that: a side board to help keep things off to the side. Don’t stop by just shoving extra food on it, flanking either side of your sideboard with a pair of these beautiful lamps can shed softer lighting onto your dining space without it being directly in someone’s eyes. And well copper is just that: a statement. Two of these will go a long way in making your space feel elevated and sophisticated, without breaking the bank.

I love that by adding one, two, or several of these items to your kitchen, you can get a mini kitchen facelift! I chose items that weren’t necessarily fall themed, but I feel like this is a great time to spruce up your kitchen as many holidays are coming (quickly)! Which one would you add to your home?

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Be inspired and refresh your kitchen space with one (or all) of these amazing #kitchenfinds! #fall #refresh #kitchenrefresh

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