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40 Simple Fall Crockpot Recipes You Are Guaranteed to Love

Can I be honest? I don’t own an insta-pot or pressure cooker of any sort. Actually, I’ve never even used one before, and while it’s starting to peak my interest, I still love relying on my go-to crock pot.

Ok, confession number two: I own 3 different crock pots. Ha ha ha, yes I know that sounds a little crazy. But here me out – I own a large & medium – both are oval. My 4-quart crock pot is circular… needless to day I actually do use them for a variety of reasons.

Before I commit to investing in an insta-pot (and I’m looking at your opinion for guidance, what size do I need, any features that are a must, any special additions I should purchase), there’s something to be said about familiarity. #OldClassic So today I thought I would share with you 40 Fall Crockpot Recipes that I really do think you will fall in love with. I know your insta-pot can cook everything in 10 minutes or under (maybe a little exaggeration), but come on… the thought of it already done when you walk through the door after a busy day? The smell of dinner simmering away… yes please.

40 Simple Fall Crockpot Meals that are guaranteed to make you a winner at dinner time! Plus some sweet treats that you're going to love!

I thought I would help you out a little… and by you I mean myself – because I don’t want to eat soup 100x a week… so I categorized them below. This list will definitely give you a few delicious recipes… or at least some inspiration!

10 delicious & simple fall crockpot recipes. Come home to homemade deliciousness!

Chicken Tortilla Soup by Fuchsia Freezer
Crockpot Broccoli Cheddar Soup by Served From Scratch
Crockpot Cabbage Soup with Beans, Sausage, and Potatoes by Salt & Lavendar
Crockpot Chicken Pho by Served From Scratch
Crockpot Minestrone Soup by The Tipsy Housewife
Crockpot Pepper Soup with Rice and Orzo by Homemade Food Junkie
Slow Cooker Potato Corn Chowder by Lemon Blossoms
Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Soup  by Greedy Gourmet
Slow Cooker Thai Chicken and Wild Rice Soup by Vinkalinka
Slow Cooker Vegetarian Lentil Lasagna Soup by Three Olives Branch

7 savoury and warm crockpot recipes

Crockpot Taco Turkey Chili by Fuchsia Freezer
Kale and Ale Slow Cooker Stew (Vegan) by Veggie Desserts
Not Your Mama’s Chili by Fuchsia Freezer
Slow Cooker Chickpea Curry by Hey Nutrition Lady
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chili by Crayons and Cravings
Slow Cooker Vegan Chili with Quinoa and Butternut Squash by Yummy Mummy Kitchen
Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili by Kristine’s Kitchen

Simple Fall Main Dish Crockpot Recipes you are guaranteed to love!
Simple Fall Main Dish Crockpot Recipes that will become part of your regulars - guaranteed!

BBQ Pulled Chicken by Umamigirl
Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings with Biscuits by Erhardts Eat
Crockpot Rustic Beef Ragu by Vinkalinka
Pesto Chicken Thighs by Recipes Worth Repeating
Slow Cooker Beef Ragu by The Home Cooks Kitchen
Slow Cooker Chicken with Orange Sauce (and Grand Marnier) by What A Girl Eats
Slow Cooker Coq au Vin by I’d Rather Be a Chef
Slow Cooker Cuban Sofrito Flank Steak Bowls by Delicious Table
Slow Cooker Easy Tomato Basil Sauce by Only Taste Matters
Slow Cooker Greek Lamb Kleftiko with Potatoes by Super Golden Bakes
Slow Cooker Honey Buffalo Wings by The Chunky Chef
Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken by Longbourn Farm
Slow Cooker Sausage & Ravioli by Home.Made.Interest

nine delicious & sweet crockpot recipes

3 Ingredient Healthier Crock Pot Hot Chocolate by The Busy Baker
Crockpot Apple Butter by Major Hoff Takes a Wife
Crockpot Chunky Gingered Applesauce by Renee’s Kitchen Adventures
Homemade Applesauce by Sugar and Soul
Slow Cooker Baked Apples by The Seasoned Mom
Slow Cooker Homemade Pumpkin Puree by Went Here 8 This
Slow Cooker Nutella Fudge by Greedy Gourmet
Slow Cooker Spiced Pear Butter by Renee’s Kitchen Adventures
Slow Cooker Sticky Caramel Pumpkin Cake by Platter Talk


With all of these amazing recipes, it’s just so hard to choose which one I want to make first! What do you think you will pick?

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