Virtual Freezer Meal Party: The 2018 Spring Freezer Meal Bundle

I can’t believe we are one week away from a Sunday of cooking, chatting, making a mess, and stocking our freezer! What a great day it’s going to be! Before I talk about the recipes I’m sharing with you I wanted to talk a little about what I learned last time.

It was nuts.


So it was my first ‘go’ at doing this, and I learned a ton while having fun talking with you!

Lesson One: wear an apron! Yup, I didn’t… but thank goodness I was wearing black! ha ha ha. what. a. mess.

Lesson Two: Organize! Organize! Organize! I thought I had everything under wraps when I started but by about the 3rd segment, I realized how far off I was off, and saw how much I had to do. This time around I plan on having a few things prepped in advance, along with setting out a better schedule to cook along with you.

Lesson Three: Make dinner in the crockpot. Yup, after all that meal planning and prep I completely forgot to account for an actual meal LOL This time, I will have the crock pot going all day making dinner so when it’s time to eat, it will be done and ready!

So let’s chat about this exciting Spring Edition of The Virtual Freezer Meal Party ( <– click the link to take you to the official Facebook Page Event).

Ok, SO let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we? Well what are you about to click on and download? The complete 2018 Spring Freezer Meal Bundle!

That includes:

  • 5 NEW and delicious recipes
  • Printable Shopping List
  • A Quick Start Guide: This explains the extras that have been thrown in, how to double or half the recipe, and what you should have on hand before you start!

What kind of meals should you expect to see? This time around I have appetizers, main dishes, and desert! Everything you need to celebrate Spring’s arrival! But it doesn’t just stop at my five recipes! Oh no!

Diana from 365 Days Of Easy Recipes is coming along for the ride as well! She has another 5 delicious recipes that are MUST TRYS! Make sure you head over to her blog and download her bundle as well!

Can’t wait to see you there! Stay tuned because this week I’m sharing recipes and photos of what you can expect to enjoy! WOOT!

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