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Virtual Freezer Meal Party Prep!

Ok, we’re here and it’s time! Time to share with you the delicious meals Diana and I have been cooking up in the background. Today, rather then share a recipe, I’m sharing with you the VirtualFreezer Meal Party Bundle! In here you will find:

  1. Five delicious, freezer-friendly meals – some new (not even on the blog), and some oldies but goodies!
  2. Printable recipe cards: you get the long for recipes with details explanations for the newbies, and those who just need the bullet points, those cards are for you!
  3. A Printable shopping list! Yes, just print and head to the grocery store!
    NOTE: I’ve actually included some extras this time, so make sure to give the ebook a quick glance over… you can decide how creative or quick you want to be!
  4. FREE access to our Facebook event: The Virtual Freezer Meal Party!!

What does this mean? Well Diana from 365 Days of Easy Recipes and I have joined together to come up with delicious meals, but it doesn’t just stop there! We are joining you LIVE on facebook Sunday January 21st from 9am EST until 4pm. We will be sharing tips on freezer meals, cooking along side you, talking with you LIVE through Facebook LIVE videos, answering questions… whatever it is you need from us! We will be there along side you to help you every step of the way!

The best part? It’s all completely FREE! Yup! Stocking your freezer shouldn’t be expensive – it should be easy and that’s what we are trying to help you out with! Make sure to CLICK HERE to download your 13 page bundle which gives you ALL the information you need for Freezer Meal Planning Success!

But that’s not all! Diana herself has created her own bundle! Yes my friends you are getting 10 complete recipes to help stock your freezer and save your weeknight sanity! Make sure you head over and visit Diana to collect your 5 other recipes!

So please, join us! I look forward to working with you! 

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