The 2018 Ikea Catalogue: Kitchen Inspiration

Well it’s that time again… before the back to school stuff starts… the part where I start checking the mail daily to see when the latest Ikea catalogue will arrive, and it did! Just Friday! I was so excited I could hardly wait to tear through the pages and find out what new items have been created, trends to look forward to for 2018, and easy kitchen inspiration.

While I have some pages already dog eared for ideas through out my home, I thought I would share with you my favourite kitchen finds! I’ve divided them into two categories:
1. Small Accessories: small additions to help amp up your current style &
2. Game Changers: larger purchases for bigger impact.

Note: these are all located on the Canadian Ikea site – click on each name to go to the product directly. This is not a sponsored post. I’m just sharing some fun finds that make my heart go pitter patter and thought you may like them as well.

Small Accessories

OVERSIKT Mug | This cute mug is perfect for sipping coffee or tea with friends at brunch, or making hot chocolate for the kids after a cold day outside. Love the pretty speckle dots in black, so it will go with pretty much any dishware you currently have and give your next table setting a quick hit of colour.

TILLAGD Flatware | I have been a huge fan of black cutlery for a long time. My only hesitation was the price point I was seeing… until now. This set comes in at 4 place settings per purchase making my cutlery drawer calling for an upgrade.

TILLSTALLNING Napkin Holder | A little retro and a lot brass, this napkin holder can just add that extra pop of sparkle for anyone who’s not ready to make everything gold, but start to embrace the metallic trend… baby steps right?

GLATTIS Tray | This tray right? Let the beauty of brass help brighten up your next event when serving your favourite appetizers or drinks! Don’t want to hide it? Add it on top of your side board with a few decorative items corralled on it.

KORKEN Bottle with stopper | While this water bottle isn’t new, it’s still a favourite of mine. Add 2 or 3 on a table filled with water to allow guests to serve themselves through out the evening. A simple and pretty way to upgrade your table! Or have a few storing your favourite fruit juices along side vodka, gin, and other mixes, and fresh fruit, and you have an instant bar. That being said, the entire KORKEN series of jars and bottles make the perfect way to display your pantry items beautifully!

VARDAGEN Tablecloth | Also not another new item, but a neutral that I think still deserves a spot on this list. Add rusty orange colours for a complement to fall, or add red dishes onto as a nod to Christmas. This natural colour offers a lot of diversity throughout the year when decorating your table, as I believe in multi-purposing items as best you can. Saves space in the long run as you won’t need to house a tablecloth for each season.

ATBART Flatware set | I love the pretty little lace detail on these. While not new, I still think there can be some ‘tried and true’ itms on the Ikea list that always seem to appear and re-appear… this flatware set is that for me. Sometimes having a girly touch to a basic table can make all the difference.

RISATORP Basket | I love this basket. The steel mesh helps keep your fruit or vegetables ventilated, and I love the look of wood with the handle. A total eye catcher in your pantry. You could also store it in a glass cabinet with extra napkins, napkin rings, or other miscellaneous items you want to corral (and hide).

KARAFF Carafe | Serve your next bottle of wine in this beautiful carafe that’s under $2!! This new item can amp up your serving style for cheap! When you’re not using it, display a few flowers in it on your table!

Game Changers

RASKOG Stool | I love the black industrial feel this stool offers. It’s great to stash in a corner to acting as a plant stand, and bring to your table when you require additional seating as this model is table height. You can also purchase at barstool height!

IKEA PS 2012 Drop-Leaf Table | What I love most about this table is that it can sit 2-4 people around it, and still look stylish. Plus I love the angles on it – it’s not a basic rectangle which will lend some virtual interest in a small space with out adding too much bulk… and the two tones?! Makes my heart sing!

LIATORP Console Table | So not a new item, and typically console tables are found in the living rooms or in front entries, but what makes this so special is that it makes a beautiful buffet/sideboard in a small space. With it’s thinner profile, you can easily add it into a dining space, adding a side lamp on the top, storing your beautiful table linens in the cubbies, and creating additional storage on the bottom with two large rentable wicker baskets (with lids) to stash extra napkins and candle holders.

HEMNES Sideboard | This is such a beautiful piece. The Hemnes line isn’t new, but I wanted to give mention because they have now created a more cohesive line with almost all of their dining pieces available in each of the three finishes: black-brown, white, and light brown. I know eclectic is a beautiful vibe, but sometimes you just want some of your pieces to match (for me I want my sideboard & extra cupboard in my dining space to match because I don’t want too much visual clutter). This larger piece offers you multiple options for closed storage, and although will take up a large amount of real estate in your space, can help create a feeling of elegance. Try adding a large scale mirror over it with a tall table lamp to make your space feel even bigger then it is.

HEKTAR Pendant Lamp | So I have to admit – I own this. This larger version is currently sitting over my dining space, and I have two matching smaller versions over my kitchen island. The are now coming in a new lower price, and are now available in white. I think they add just a little touch of that industrial look that I love, and we have had tons of compliments on them.

ENERYDA Cup Cabinet Pulls | Such a small item can really make a huge impact. Changing your cupboards hardware can give your kitchen an entirely new vibe and I love these cup cabinet pulls. I think black is such a great neutral, but it can have such an impact on say a white kitchen. These also come in brass… I think they will be making an appearance in my house in some way, shape, or form shortly!

ODGER Chair | Think recycle, think renewable, think no-build, and think sleek. I love these chairs for all of those reasons, and if you look closely you can see they aren’t a single solid colour. This addition to the Ikea dining chair selection is great and would look amazing as the middle chairs between two large fabric captain’s chairs, or even at a smaller 4-seater table.

NORDEN Gateleg Table | I think this is pretty much an #IkeaClassic. You see it all over, in living spaces, offices, craft rooms, and the dining room. I’ve actually seen it on one of those Tiny Home shows as it folds up for convince, and extends when you need it too. I love the extra drawers on either side, as well as it coming in two finishes… what more can I say?

HEMNES Glass-door Cabinet | On the opposite side of that, if you don’t have a large space you can still create that feeling with this smaller piece. I love love love the light brown colour Ikea has created. Add colourful baskets for a multidimensional look, keep it clean with classic neutrals behind the glass doors, or just use a few favourite dishes stacked and styled neatly to even keep your day to day stuff organized.

The 2018 Ikea Catalogue: Kitchen Inspiration from the Fuchsia Freezer kitchen!


From the moment the catalogue came in our home, I knew there would be some great finds that Ikea introduced us to, but I also love there are a few tried and true classics that they still continue to showcase. Did you get a copy of the catalogue yet? What kind of inspiration did you find?

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