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Top 30 Now That I’m 30: Desserts!

I can’t believe it, we are back Sweet Friend for the final post of My Top 30 now That I’m 30! If you missed it, I broke it down into three parts: breakfast & lunch, dinner time and today, Dessert. I have to admit that I don’t have a huge sweet tooth (give me something salty and I’m all over that bad boy), but there is something to be said over having a ‘taste of something sweet’ after dinner.

If I’m going to have something sweet, I typically indulge in the afternoon with a cookie and cup of coffee or something of that nature. So today I’m sharing my afternoon snacks. Warning: it’s fall… and all that comes with fall is… you guessed it… pumpkin.

I can’t stress enough how much I love pumpkin, and this homemade Pumpkin Fudge is a total hit at home! I’m actually baking up a batch to bring with me to the cottage over Thanksgiving weekend!
Fudge Served

Next up is a recent creation of mine, and boy did they not last! The kids loved them as a treat on their lunches for school. When I headed back to work, I enjoyed my 15 minute break in the afternoon with a warm cup of coffee and these Raspberry Oatmeal Bars. Too good (and too easy) NOT to make!

There is something to be said about “loaves”. I love baking them for lunches, they’re easy as a snack, and a great way to get away from cookies as being a ‘go to’. One of our favourites we enjoyed this past summer was this delicious Roasted Strawberry Lemon Loaf!

And no dessert round up is complete with out chocolate of some sort. My kids went bananas when I served these for breakfast, because it really is a total dessert, but what the heck?! A simple batter created these amazing Chocolate Brownie Waffles. Serve with a huge scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt over top (and spinkles of course) and you will have a readymade, delicious, cakey, dessert!
Chocolate Brownie Waffles

But what about the snacks that are somewhat desserts… I mentioned earlier I loved salty snacks/desserts as well… and really this was totally a winner for me. Salted Caramel Popcorn was the perfect dessert to put out after dinner in a big bowl and just continue the conversation around the table.
All Ready To Serve

And pumpkin… yes, more pumpkin. I love it in pretty much any form (stay tuned as I have a fantastic and savoury pumpkin pasta dish coming your way), and this was an easy and fun way to enjoy it! Pumpkin Dip with Cinnamon Chips was a delicious recipe that is totally kid friendly! I love when my girls help in the kitchen, and these chips are SO easy to make.
Chips and dip

But what about those times you really want something rich and chocolatey and just don’t have the time (or patience)? Well a few simple ingredients and a microwave is ALL you need on hand to make a single serving of this Mini Mug Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting!
Mini Chocolate Mug Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Kim, from Feed Me, Seymour stopped in a while ago and shared her awesome (and oh so easy) M&M Rice Krispy Treats. It’s little treats like this that are perfect to get your kids involved in cooking if you can.
M&M Rice Krispy Treats

And when all else fails, what about a delicious Cherry Crumb Cake? This moist and delicious cake pairs perfectly with tea or coffee and can easily be frozen and saved for later (well… if it lasts that long).

And a total winner in our house is Sabrina’s Brown Sugar Pound Cake. A delicious treat for everyone, great for lunches and totally fits the bill for anyone who has a sweet tooth!
Brown Sugar Pound Cake with icing

What do you make in your house that is always a total must for dessert? Any standbys?

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