A Few Favourites: Summer 2016

Can you believe it?! Summer is almost here… well on the calendar it’s almost here but the weather lately is screaming that’s here! That means barbecue season is defiantly upon us with entertaining guests, eating outside with picnics and generally enjoying the warm weather… while it lasts!

**just a quick note folks: none of this is sponsored! I just love certain products and want to share my finds with you in hopes you find a little inspiration for your table. All of these options and opinions are solely my own. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!**

Favourite kitchen items to complete your summer entertaining! Enjoy! Cheers!!

Entertaining guests this summer can be easy, enjoyable and an overall great experience or it can be a total mystery with questions floating around your head: what to make? how to cook it? Who likes what? Who has allergies? And the questions go on… and on… and on…

Well you may not have the total menu completed for your next gathering, but with a few new pieces to help your tablescape you can definitely up your summer entertaining game this year and be the envy of the neighbourhood. #justkidding

First things first… company is coming in afternoon… you know… whenever…. Don’t you find in the summer with the warm weather your gatherings typically start earlier then they do in the winter? Well that means you’re up for appetizers! I am absolutely crushing hard on the yellow, navy, teak/wood colour scheme this year. It’s actually what we are planning to do when we get our outdoor screened in patio completed. So what does that mean? It means outdoor eating and serving needs appropriate dish ware… enter melamine!

Picture courtesy of Chapters
Photo courtesy of Chapters

These phenomenal appetizer plates ooze summer. Try serving delicious and savoury Mushroom Bruschetta on these plates! Even if you’re like us and live no where near the water (unless you count the kiddie turtle pool Clint just filled with water for Hazel), you can still incorporate that feeling of relaxing at the cottage through out your dining space and Chapters has the best selection to help you infuse that feeling all summer long.

Those fantastic appetizers aren’t going to serve themselves though! You will need a little help bringing everything to the table from the kitchen whether you are dining indoors or outdoors. That’s where this rustic feeling Metal Tray With Rope Handles from Bouclair comes into play.

Photo Courtesy of Bouclair

The beauty of a piece like this is that it really brings that cottage, relaxed feel into the space and is also helpful while carting dishes or snacks to your guests. Plus you can also use it throughout the seasons. Since there is no definitive summer pattern on it, you could easily fill it with a hurricane candle and some pinecones for a fall themed centrepiece for your table… or how about adding some winter greenery and christmas ornaments to it? The return on investment this piece offers makes it worth the investment, and to be honest, it comes in under $20.00 which makes it an attractive piece no matter how big or small your Summer Update budget is.

Next you want to think about eating… yes we just finished serving our guests delicious finger foods, but dinner it up and you’re just finishing grilling those mouther watering Chilli-Lime Grilled Chicken Skewers and now it’s time to eat! Are you thinking about setting each place with a fork, knife, and spoon? What if you did a little less traditional and brought out two of three mason jars in your lovely new Metal Tray with Rope Handles that were filled with your favourite paper napkins and… these simple Carmelo 3-Piece Flatware in Turquoise from Pier 1 Imports?


Photo courtesy of Pier 1 Imports
Photo courtesy of Pier 1 Imports


And what did you bring out to go with those delicious skewers? A Zesty Lime Broccoli Slaw that is sure to make everyone happy! Serve it in this beautiful and practical Carmelo Melamine Serving bowl in Sunshine also from Pier 1 Imports. The bright colour definitely compliments the bright and fresh flavours in the salad.

yellow serving bowl - pier 1
Photo courtesy of Pier 1 Imports

After all this amazing food and wonderful company, it’s time to wrap up meal time with a little something more. Sweet & Juicy Grilled Pineapple Bowls will have your guests amazing that you prepared desert on the grill as well! The best part? NO DISHES! Serve in these fantastic Mini Waffle Bowls made by President’s Choice!

Photo courtesy of Real Canadian Superstore
Photo courtesy of Real Canadian Superstore


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