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6 Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

6 Last Minute Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's Day

If you haven’t noticed, remember or have your head buried deep in the sand, you might have missed a special day coming up… my birthday! Ha ha just kidding! That’s not until August, but another great day IS coming up this weekend, Valentine’s Day! Here in Ontario (and I believe a few other provinces) we also have a holiday on the 15th – Family Day. Both promote love – not just the romantic sparks between two people, but love amongst your family and friends. I thought I would share a few ideas with you for some great last minute gifts for your loved ones (and some can even be used and shared with the family).

Idea #1:
Let’s face it, we have three kids. Do you think I want to try and hassle with over crowded restaurants, rush my kids through an over priced dinner and come home and pass out over the sheer exhaustion of a 4 hour event (an even that typically takes about an hour)? No thank you. But I do want to make it special. What we decided to do is to head on over to Costco and pick up a delicious fillet mignon, roll up some seasoned potatoes in tin foil, and throw it all on the BBQ. Hands down, Clint is excellent at barbequing. To make Valentine’s Day a little more special for the kids, I bought really cute heart shaped ramekins, but any would do, and these ones are really cute (image courtesy of Le Creuset).

Image Courtesy of Le Creuset

In 50 seconds you can have delicious, tasty and very easy Mini Chocolate Mug Cakes. Have them all prepped and when dessert rolls around, microwave on high for about 50 seconds. Want to kick it up a notch? Add the super simple Peanut Butter Frosting.

Mini Chocolate Mug Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

Idea #2:
Do you have a bit of a foodie on your hands? Want to impress a special someone with a great meal, but don’t want to break the bank? Why not ‘take it to go’? Lots of high-end restaurants have a ‘take out’ menu or a little take out bar where you can order from (and get perfectly portioned sizes for two!). Why not stop in and pick up a favourite dish to share, grab your favourite bottle of wine, and maybe splurge on a new set of wine glasses to help mark the occasion. These beautiful stemless glasses can be found at Pier1.com. A friend of mine has these in teal, and they are absolutely stunning!

Image courtesy of Pier 1.

Idea #3:
Not attached to anyone special this year? Don’t want to celebrate on your own? Why not host a wine & cheese. Have each guest bring a bottle of their favourite wine, along with a delicious cheese to pair it with! All you have to do is have a few extra crackers on hand, maybe add some pretty appetizer plates and napkins, and you have a wonderful evening together with friends! This stunning cheeseboard can be found at Chapters!

Image Courtesy of Chapters.ca.
Idea #4:
As I mentioned before, we have Family Day coming up the day after Valentine’s Day. The kids are home from school, and I wanted to make the day count – and spend it as a family rather then doing yet another load of laundry (I know – how brave of me ;)). I found this awesome Monopoly game on the Xbox for all of us to play. What would be better then a big bowl of Salted Caramel Popcorn, a few juice boxes ready, and a game that we can all play together? I know the girls are 4 & 5, but the online version of this game makes it more interactive, and they can really get involved (and caught up in the shenanigans).

All Ready To Serve

Idea #5:
Why not devour a good book? I have to say I’m a huge fan of reading, and try to as much as I can – these days it’s a little more difficult since Hazel takes up a lot of my “free” time… but I do enjoy reading none the less. If you or someone you know loves reading, why not look into a Kobo or Kindle? Or how about a promise, to visit the library? Maybe check out your local library or book stores and see if they have any book readings coming up.

Not sure what to read next? Take a look at these great Reviews from the Fuchsia Freezer Book Club!

The Hypnotist's Love Story
The Hypnotist’s Love Story

Idea #6:
Tackle that “To Do” together! Whether you want to learn how to cook, create a piece of furniture, or start scrapbooking, check out local stores to see what classes are available and sign up as a pair! Working together will bring a whole new perspective on your goals, and possibly bring you both closer!

My girls love working together in the kitchen and baking, cooking, or blending up a delicious treat like these Dairy-Free Island Smoothies!

Smoothie success means happy girls!

It’s times like this when we all stop what we’re doing and celebrate a special day, but I believe that every day should be special, and any time is a good idea to celebrate love. Look around, hold your friends and family tight, and always appreciate what you have.

Thank you all for stopping in today. I greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful and safe upcoming weekend!

Searching for a last minute gift this Valentine's Day? Don't break the bank, make a memory! 6 Ideas to help last minute planners! (and will make you look good!)

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  1. I love Idea #1. My boyfriend and I don’t have kids, but sometimes we don’t like going through the hassle of restaurants. Nothing like a cute DIY meal. I love the mini mug cake. Any handy recipes you’d recommend?

  2. These are fantastic ideas that really speak to the concept of love and togetherness rather than over-priced roses and trying to get a reservation! Now I’m craving peanut butter frosting, too.

    1. ha ha ha it was surprisingly addictive. Also, thanks. I really wanted to make the point that it’s not all about gifts… with out sounding too preachy. 🙂

  3. I love the heart shaped ramekins! They’re so cute! Our 12 and 6-year olds are going to cook us dinner for Valentine’s Day this year (although I am sure it won’t be as relaxing an experience for us as they like to think it will be… 🙂 ). It’ll be an interesting experience and I will most definitely be posting about it!

  4. I love the mig cake. I usually bake with the kids since I spend all day at school with them for various VDay celebrations. I might do a wine and cheese for me and the hubby this year. I refuse to try and eat out!!

    1. I don’t think Valentine’s Day is the next “shopping event” after Christmas, and I feel like most of the “to buy” lists for Men are expensive…

  5. Great list of things to do on Valentines Day. Actually, it is one of my least favorite days for dining out- too many people and overpriced “specials. ” I like your Costco idea!

  6. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the expectations for Valentine’s Day put out there by the rest of the world. I love your ideas (and the great product highlights!), and I know we’ll be doing something this weekend together because we want to, not because we “should”. Much better result for everyone! Happy Valentine’s & Family Days!

  7. So many fun ideas to celebrate with the family! I have been trying to read more – I just put Audible on my phone so I can listen while I drive. We will see if that helps! I will need to check out your book club list!

  8. Great ideas for everyone here! Eating out on Valentine’s Day is such a zoo, so I wouldn’t mind curling up with a book and a nice glass of wine.

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