The Cold Kit – Plus a FREE Printable!

Cough! Sniff Sniff! Ahhhh… AH…CHOO!!!!

Like I was saying before, we all had a mild and green Christmas, then got dumped on by a pile of snow… which basically means everyone is catching a cold left, right and centre. Make no mistake, we were one of those unfortunate families. We actually caught it two weeks before Christmas, and then I ended up with a sinus infection Christmas Eve – oh happy day! Now that we are all back and feeling like ourselves, I’m seeing a lot of our family and friends are in the same boat. I thought this quick and simple Cold Kit is the perfect pick-me-up you can easily pass on to a friend or loved one when they are feeling down.

Everything I included can easily be purchased in one quick stop at your local grocery store.


In this case, I included:

  1. Lemon Tea
  2. Chicken Noodle Cup-A-Soup
  3. A Gift Card to Bed Bath & Beyond (for when they are feeling better, or maybe to purchase a cozy throw since they are stuck on the couch)
  4. Purelle – stopping some germs in their tracks
  5. Kleenex
  6. Vitamin C Booster
  7. Honey
  8. Throat Lozenges
  9. A large mug (not shown above)

But don’t stop there! Why not make it a little more personal and add a little tag, letting that special someone know you’re thinking of them! I made these cute little note cards that you can print off at home, and cut accordingly. Attach one to the handle of your mug and you have something just a little more personalized!


You can download the Get well Gift Tags here. For best results, on your printer settings, make sure you select the option of printing with no borders (it prevents that pesky white trim you would have to cut down). Also, for your card to hold up, I suggest printing on a piece of card stock. This one page has a total of 9 gift tags. Cut accordingly and save the rest for later (or make more cold kits if you know more people are feelings down and out!).


There are literally a million things you could add to these… you could add some magazines, switch up gift cards to an iTunes or Kobo card, books or a pair of warm socks. The possibilities are endless! There is nothing better (to me) then getting a little something to help make it through your day from a friend or loved one. 🙂

I hope you’re enjoying the winter and are staying on track with your New Years Goals! Speaking of which, Tuesday, I will be talking about A Few of my Favourites for this coming 2016 year! What are you looking forward to the most? Did you make any New Years Resolutions?

Have a sick friend or loved one? Why not warm them them up with this thoughtful Cold Kit! Plus free gifting printables!
Have a sick friend or loved one? Why not warm them them up with this thoughtful Cold Kit! Plus free gifting printables!

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