A Few Favourites: Ringing in The New Year

Hello and welcome to 2016 everyone! I bet you haven’t heard or read that about a million times by now, am I right? While I don’t want to get too caught up on resolutions, and traditions (which I’ve mentioned before I don’t believe is resolutions), I do however believe in setting obtainable goals. What I learned in 2015 was that my expectations of myself greatly outweighed the realities I created. That lead to disappointment over certain ‘goals I didn’t reach’, and rather then celebrating what I did accomplish, I goofed and focused what I missed out on… funnily enough, I missed out on recognizing my own accomplishments. Funny how that happens right? So 2016 means for me, some personal & professional obtainable goals. 


Today, I thought I would share with you a few of them, and what I’m using to help get me there.

Goal #1: Organize, Organize, Organize.

Now everyone has their own way and system. Clint for example uses the calendar on his iPhone for pretty much everything. I on the other hand still love writing down lists on a pad of paper, I love new planners, and office accessories, and I love being able to lay it all out in front of me (picture five clipboards and my planner surrounding me right now as I write this) so I can visualize my future plans. So aside from picking up ridiculously cute clip boards from my local craft store, I also have dedicated each to an important task for my family. I have scoured the corners of Pinterest and found the perfect Weekly Meal Planner, Grocery List and Freezer Inventory list. Each of these hangs inside my pantry, so I can easily see what’s coming up for dinner, jot down any groceries we may need through out the week, and not over stock my freezer. I should warn you the freezer inventory sheet is something we have just implemented, and so far so good… but it’s been 2 weeks. What I do like about it though, is that it reminds me what we have in our chest freezer in the basement. I can help meal plan around items that are in there (instead of forgetting about them!).


So I said I had 5 clipboards… three were used above in the pantry – perfect! The two remaining? I have them hung up in my office, and they are strictly all about blogging. I have one dedicated to my goals, and blog post inspirations. The other has a monthly calendar that I use to plan out my month here on Fuchsia Freezer. This really allows me to see what I need to make, and when to make it, along with my posting schedule and any other time sensitive details I need to see.

After that, I also have my absolute newest addition to my organizing arsenal – my new planner from Plum Paper. Yes, I had it customized, and yes, it’s thick. I needed something that was going to be flexible for me. This is my first time using this particular store, and a few weeks in, I’m loving it!! It is sectioned out daily just the way I needed it, plus I had them organize the spaces by name rather then time. I don’t really need anything that says “9:00am _____(fill in activity)___, 10:00am _____(fill in activity)___”. Rather, mine is categorized for myself & Clint, the kids, meals, blog, fitness, home and a blank space that I can write in what it may need to be for that week. This allows me to really get the full picture of what my week looks like.


Goal #2: DIY Gifts

I love home made food, and this year I would like to spend less time ‘searching out the perfect gift for birthdays or such’ and make something more personal. I have a few ideas rolling around upstairs, and I will hopefully be sharing them with you soon. But I didn’t want to disappoint, some very crafty and cute suggestions I’ve seen include Hot Chocolate Mason Jars, and tea sets for two. My Mom’s birthday is coming up just around the bend (actually in a week), and I have an idea I would like to make for her – I will let you know how it goes! Plus it’s that time of year again – colds are in full force! Check out my cute and simple DIY Cold Kit. You have  a list of everything you need to make someone feel special (and help them get better), plus there is a free gift tag printable as well! Talk about personalized?!


Goal #3: Being Good To Me!

Ok I know that sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true. Last year, Hazel came into our lives (2 weeks late), and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have a new little baby in our home. But, what did that mean for me? A few sleepless nights, unwashed hair for a few days, makeup untouched, and the overall feeling of not being myself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to get all dolled up to start my day – that’s not who I am. I do however need to remember to eat better (and not snack on the box of crackers at 11pm), work out a little if I can find the time  and schedule in some time through out the week for that, and plan outfits for the week. I already know if i will have certain appointments (i.e doctors, or my book club) so those are the days I want to look more put together, and the days I’m at home all the time, I won’t necessarily worry about make up – but still wear a nice outfit.


I feel like by setting these goals I will actually be able to ‘bring more to the table’ for my family. If I’m not stressed out, hangry (yes, I said hAngry), or trying to remember when that eye appointment was and for which child (last minute once again), then I can be more present with my family and not miss out on the important details of life called… living.

Do you believe in making New Years Resolutions? Do you have any goals for 2016? I would love to hear! Comment below!

Thank you my sweet friend for stopping by today. As always the pleasure was all mine, and I look forward to our year together and all of the fun adventures we will take and share! Have a wonderful Tuesday, and we will chat soon!

Cheers! xo



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