The Heart of The Home

What constitutes the heart of the home? I think for everyone it’s different… but for me, our heart, the place that is busiest, messiest, and one of the most enjoyable places to be is our kitchen. It’s where we gather to eat three times a day, it’s where I pack lunches for school and talk about upcoming plans with the kids, it’s where Clint finds me most nights coming home from work, it’s where I sometimes just sit and enjoy my morning coffee with a little music on in the background. What more can I say? 

I think it’s important for each family to find that ‘space’ that everyone can gravitate to and relax, decompress after a long day, gather around and fuel up for a day ahead – it’s place where you all automatically go to talk and converse about the big or little things. 

3 girls with Santa

Since our heart of the home is the kitchen, it’s pretty much a given there is food and/or drink involved no matter what. Clint will pull up a stool and pour himself a glass of wine while I make dinner and we will chat (sometimes for hours) about anything and everything. That time is always so special to me, and I want my girls to (eventually) find that same happiness there that I do. That’s why I cook with them. Yes, I know, cooking with a 4 year old, or a 5 year old can be a little difficult at times. Flour in the air, too much stirring, electric mixers whirring… it can get hectic and messy – no doubt about it. But the giggles, and chatting about friends at school, and the look of accomplishment on their faces when we have finally created something to eat is all worth it. 

I do not believe in making new years resolutions, as I think you are just setting yourself up for failure by mid-february when you have ‘fallen off whatever wagon you were on’ and feel defeated. What I do propose this year to myself (and to my family) is to make sure we have some more quality time in our kitchen. More laughter, more fun, more cooking and baking and more memories in the making. 

I am sorry I haven’t been present much this past month. I needed to take a break and take a step back. Some of you may have known about a family member being ill. Well it’s my Dad, and this Christmas was a different one than I am used to (as well as my mom, the girls, Clint, etc…). He’s still not 100% himself, but we are taking one day at a time, and things are really looking up. It was a busy month preparing for Christmas (and trying to keep everything as normal as one can for the kids), Clint getting sick, then myself and the girls (yes all 3 of them) caught really bad colds which lasted for two weeks, and helping my mom take care of my Dad. Needless to say, although this was a different Christmas, it was once filled with love and spent with family and that’s all that matters at the end of the day right? 

2 girls with Santa

Although late, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. May it be filled with laughter and love. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and may the most wonderful journeys begin or continue this year! Now that things are really looking up for my Dad, I am able to shift my focus back here a little more and create meaningful and delicious recipes to share with you from my kitchen. 

Thank you all for your patience and caring at this time. I could not be any more lucky to have wonderful people such as you to stop by and read about my latest cooking adventure. All the best in 2016!

Cheers! xo 

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