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A Few Favourites

So after a few months of blogging, I have come up with a list of kitchen & tablescape accessories that I love… and links where to get them!! Just a note before starting this: this is NOT a sponsored post, there are no affiliate links, just items that I have a major #kitchencrush on, or items I think are necessities in your kitchen decor!

Fuchsia Freezer Favourites

First off, since we are is full swing to summer, I thought I would bring some colour to the table with these oh so pretty drinking glasses in sea foam green. I love how they can add a splash of colour, without being “too much”.  These pretty glasses make my heart swoon. I love that they are vintage inspired and not your basic water glass, but aren’t too fancy that you couldn’t use them every day.

Vintage Glass (Seafoam) - Image courtesy of Chapters
Vintage Glass (Seafoam) – Image courtesy of Chapters

A lesson I have learned along the way, is use your stuff!!! Why spend money on items you can only look at and never truly enjoy. At a $10 price point (per glass) these aren’t too expensive and are something you can use through out the year, not just a summer time favourite. These would be lovely in the spring adding some colour to basic white dishes, and even in the winter, you could use these as a centrepiece along the centre of your table and add some fresh flowers in each one… giving your table a ‘spring to life’ feel (especially when you see a blizzard warning coming your way)!

A classic colour in my mind is navy. In the winter you can add beautiful reds and jewel tones to bring the del rich colour out, and in the summer you can use bright yellows, soft blushes & greys to compliment this dark colour in your home. That’s why I feel this Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Tablecloth was a worth-while expense.

Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Tablecloth - Bed Bath and Beyond
Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Tablecloth – Image courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

You will probably recognize this as a background to such recipes as Citrus Mint Fruit SaladProsciutto Wrapped Asparagus and Turkey & Garlic Aioli Grilled Sandwich! I love this piece in my home, and have many plans of it in the future. I can also say that it washes beautifully and was worth every penny. It comes in two lengths: a 72 inch runner ($33.99) and the 90 inch runner ($37.99). Since our table is 6feet long before you add the leaves to expand, I went with the longer choice to leave some room to hang off the table. When you add the leaves to our table, it runs 9 1/2 feet long, and although this falls short two feet, at that point, I am using the table for more people and use placemats. As you can tell this is a runner, not a full out table cloth, but there are coordinating pieces including a white with navy polka dot table cloth, and reversible placemats. How great is that?! If you’re like me though, you won’t go out and buy it all… pick up the pieces you love (for me it was the table cloth) and mix and match around it!!

When it comes to saturday mornings, nothing is more relaxing (in my mind) then enjoying a cup of coffee before starting my day… and sometimes if i can get up early enough during the week, trying to sneak in a cup before the kids are up and it’s time to get ready for work & school. In saying that as I’ve mentioned before, we have a Tassimo. I love ours, we use it every day and since Clint and I just take one cup each on our way out the door, this system works perfect for us. In saying that, Saturday mornings, or even when we have company, (and the desire to start buying specialty coffee), we are looking at purchasing a french press. I used to have one, and honestly I loved it! You can make a single cup if you wish, but unlike the

Upphetta Coffee-Tea maker - Image Courtesy of Ikea Canada
Upphetta Coffee-Tea maker – Image Courtesy of Ikea Canada

Tassimo, you can make multiple cups in one shot! Ikea has an inexpensive french press – and the best part… they make two sizes!  I love this  option since if there is only one coffee drinker in your home, or if you only want this for special occasions. The one shown here is $9.99 for 34oz – that’s their large one! The smaller version is 13.5oz and comes in at $6.99. My opinion – buy the bigger… the value is there, and you can still use it for single serve, but like I mentioned before, if you’re hosting a larger crowd, then you’re safe. Plus this little beauty can come in handy when you want to get a little extra fancy (for yourself or your guests) and you want to make a Simple Café au Lait!

Finally, I will finish today off with my last ‘must-have’. This is the time to take a look at presentation… and this piece you may think will only serve one purpose, but I can come up with several ways to make this something that will be used time and time again… not only for parties, but for backyard barbecues, a simple coffee station in your kitchen… so many uses! Once again, this Ikea find comes in at an awesome price point, and you could even DIY a few changes to make it suit your home more!

Garnera Serving Stand - Image courtesy of Ikea
Garnera Serving Stand – Image courtesy of Ikea

The two-tired Garners Serving Stand is a blank canvas ready to fit into any space you choose! I can picture a mug on the top holding all of your coffee spoons, a coloured mason jar holding tea bags, and another holding sugar. You could easily take this simple and oh so pretty stand, and use it to house small potted succulents together and TaDa! You have a centre piece for your table. Easily you can use this for (dare I say it) serving food! I love the fact it’s white… I know, I know it’s hard to buy so much white, but the versatility definitely will say something about your home, and I have to say, I always find there is a level of sophistication when it comes to clean white lines, and clean white dishes. This little puppy will cost you $14.99 – not bad at all! Actually I will be making an Ikea trip in my near future and will be adding this to my car for sure!

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s Fuchsia Freezer Favourites! I didn’t want to inundate you will piles and piles of items I would like to (and possibly will be!) stock my kitchen cupboards with, but I did want to give you an opportunity to see how one  purchase can go a mile… I believe in buying something once and loving it, and that doesn’t always mean you are stuck buying the most expensive piece! I hope you have a wonderful weekend… and coming up this week, you will get to enjoy a few favourite Shrimp dishes of mine, along with (yes) more barbecuing recipes and possibly another side dish! I love how this is all coming together, and thank you so much for stopping by and continuing your support. Have a safe weekend everyone and chat soon! xo

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